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Museum of Ceramics

Museum of Ceramics

The most famous museum in Portugal is the National Museum of Ceramics. It is located in the eastern part of Lisbon, near the Madre de Deus. Its walls were formerly a convent, erected by Queen Leonora Aviz in the 15th century. 

In our time, this museum is called the most significant cultural heritage site in Portugal. Azulejos ceramic tile in blue strikes the imagination of visitors. 

In general, the museum contains a collection of tiles 15 - 19 centuries. On panels depict biblical scenes from the life of the Virgin. Most attracted historical panels of azulejos - panorama of the ancient Lisbon before the 1755 earthquake. Admired for its luxury gilded carving museum. Visitors will also demonstrate the process of the manufacture of ceramic tiles and talk about the secrets of the creation of this work of art. 

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