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Peneda-Geres National Park

Peneda-Geres was established in 1971, it is located in the north of Portugal, in the province of Minho. The park is 70,000 hectares, and its territory extends along the mountains of Peneda, Laruko and Geres. 

Gerês Park is the only national park conservation Portugal. Its flora and fauna surprising variety - oak and riparian forests, the Japanese birch and strawberry trees. Here you can find the brown bear, mountain goat, roe deer, wild horse, wolf and even the Liberian royal eagle. Its impressive beauty of the lake and waterfalls of the park. 

On the territory of the Peneda-Geres is several old villages, where you can see medieval castles, ruins of the monastery of the 12th century. There is also still preserved medieval fort and stone houses. Interestingly, stone barns and some other buildings are still used for its intended purpose. Since ancient times, preserved and lifestyle of local residents. They have two houses - one in the mountains, where they live in the summer, and the other - in the valley, where they remain to live in the winter. 

For active recreation - hiking and cycling to mountain climbing and kayaking and canoeing. 

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