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The Gates of Hell

The Gates of Hell

City Cascais is on the Atlantic coast, 30 kilometers from Lisbon. Washed by the ocean on three sides, most of the coast is rocky shore. At 2.5 kilometers from Cascais is a cliff, the most famous of which is the place grotto "Gates of Hell." Groth has other names - "The Devil's mouth" or "mouth of the underworld." 

This place centuries created nature - high rock walls and an underwater cave, which resembles the well. 

Groth was called "The Gates of Hell" because the waves hitting the rocks with force, creating an incredible roar and noise. Those who have been here, note that the cave has a special energy here feels the strength and power of the ocean, and time flies. 

The rocky terrain turns into sandy beaches, among them - Guincho beach. It hosts surfing competitions, as even on quiet days restless ocean water. 


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