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Belem Tower (Tower of St Vincent)

Belem Tower, or Tower of Bethlehem - is fortified fort of the Renaissance in Portugal, built in the years 1515-1521 in an area of Lisbon on the island of the Tagus River. Construction of the tower was dedicated to the expedition of Vasco da Gama, who opened the way for the Portuguese in India. Part of the tower out of the water, four floors of the building are decorated with images of nodal ropes, animals and chivalry Manueline style. Here you can see a lot of interesting exhibits, among which attracts attention throne decorated 16th century. The image of the tower is simple and at the same time interesting due to its balconies and openwork pinnacles of Arabic style. 

At different times, this building served as a prison, a fortress city, customs and armory. Today Belem tower called the symbol of the city of Lisbon, considered among the Seven Wonders of Portugal. And since 1983, together with the monastery of Jeronimos located near Tower is a World Heritage Site. 

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